Building Strategic Partnerships for Luxury Brands is Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Luxury Market Positioning

Positioning a Luxury Brand requires
  • A deep and broad knowledge of the luxury distribution landscape
  • The ability to create an engaging brand story, build awareness, reap the rewards
We position your luxury brand by
  • Articulating the story of the brand in a clear but engaging manner to successfully gain the attention of your target audience
  • Identifying the target consumer who will respond to the promise of your brand
  • Driving sales by providing retail associates with your brands unique story and distinctive attributes

Our Capabilities

Our knowledge enables us to
  • Identify the brands promise
  • Build awareness
  • Enhance the visibility of the brand
We create Partnership Communication Programs through
  • Marketing Programs - with collateral materials appropriate for all media
  • Trade Shows, Industry Events and Trunk Shows

How to Market a Luxury Product

Market Research
  • Identify the discerning target consumer who will respond to the brand promise
  • Psychographics - people who lead the life style and those aspiring to the life style represented by your brand
Identify Designated Geographic Pockets
  • Determine optimal retail locations, strategic partnerships and marketing venues
  • Domestic and international
Connect to the Market
  • Provide access to prestigious retailers
  • Structure strategic alliances and relationships with designated retail groups
  • Support retailers in selling your brand & train the sales associates in the unique aspects of your
  • brand
The Marketing Program
  • Create a Partnership Communication Program
  • Communicate the Brand Story in a memorable and appealing manner
  • Produce Collateral Materials for all media
  • Participate in Trade Shows / Industry Events / Trunk Shows

Building Your Business

Questions to Ask
  • Am I defining my customers as they evolve and change with the times?
  • How can I better manage my business during this economy?
  • Am I telling the story of my brand to optimize distribution channels and engage my customers?
  • Which "Strategic Alliances" should I consider to enhance my brand's image in the marketplace?
  • Have I rejected any past marketing idea which I now realize I want to reconsider?
  • How can I build more store traffic?
  • Where should I be advertising - Traditional Media or Digital Media?
  • Which trade shows (Worldwide) are important to attend?
  • Which charities and causes will extend my brand's image?
  • What keeps me up at night?

In a nutshell

The Luxe Alliances process:
  • Assess specifically what your business needs to thrive beyond its current position
  • Identify the steps needed to grow your business
  • Define the nature of the collaboration and guide you and your new connection in the steps required to achieve your mutual goals
  • Execute the steps to drive sales